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Salary Benchmarking Survey Registration!


Salary Benchmarking Survey Registration!

Welcome to our salary benchmarking survey supported by LSP Renewables and The Renewable Construction Academy (RECOA)

Both LSP & RECOA are passionate about working together to help bridge the skills gap and provide the industry with smoother career transitions from related industries, contributing to the success and sustainability of the sector.

The data we are collecting from you & other like-minded individuals will help us to provide insights into current salary benchmarks for not only the roles themselves but drilled down into further verticals, locations and length of experience. The report will offer insights into how to upskill and grow your career, transition into renewables and detail the avenues into the industry. Our experts who have a combined experience of over 100+years will offer insightful consultative advice not only from LSP Renewables’ specialist perspective but including the knowledge of years of hands-on experience in the industry from the team at RECOA.

Enter your information below and receive a FREE copy of the report once it is complete!

To find out more about the industry training RECOA provide please click here to visit their website.

Please note – all data will remain anonymous throughout the final report