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153 days ago


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This year our US office have chosen Heterotaxy Connection as their 2024 charity. Throughout the year the team will organise and complete a range of challenges and events to help raise money for the charity.

Heterotaxy syndrome is a complex congenital condition that occurs when the axe of the body fails to rotate correctly when developing in the womb.  This means that many different organ systems can be affected by them being misplaced, malformed, multiplied or missing entirely, no two cases of heterotaxy are the same. 
Heterotaxy unfortunately is extremely underfunded and cannot be fully explained, genetic links are mostly explored, but there is still a great deal of research that is needed. 
This lifelong condition means that children who suffer with it need intense care and medical monitoring. 

Heterotaxy Connection is a non-profit dedicated charity who support, educate, and empower families affected by Heterotaxy Syndrome. They provide each family with a range of connections, bereavement services and focus groups allowing them to come alongside one another and share their stories. 

Heterotaxy is a charity extremely close to the team members in our US office and we look forward to all the planned events and challenges that will support this amazing charity in funding research and their services.

For further information on the charity, please visit their website here. 

To discuss charity events, or get involved with those planned, please contact Amber Hinojos on