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Work Experience plays vital role in shaping the lives of young people, it allows them not only to develop technical skills across a specific role or organisation, but also their interpersonal skills, learning to communicate on a professional level, building relationships and working as part of a team. 

Over the course of the last few months, LSP Renewables has attended a range of school careers fairs where we showcased the business and recruited school and college leavers for our internal roles and apprenticeship schemes. Since attending the fairs, our back-office department have noticed that a common question that comes up when talking to the students is ‘What actually is recruitment?’. 
With students of that age not having a need to talk with or approach an agency yet, they had little to no knowledge of what it is that we really do. As a community fuelled business, we took it upon ourselves to change this and get involved with as many schools as possible to teach the children of today what we as a recruitment agency do on a day to day basis. 

As summer terms came to an end, LSP opened its doors to students from the local area to come and work with us for the week, teaching them about the world of recruitment, and the very important industry we operate in.  
Here at LSP Renewables, we believe that work experience is not only beneficial for the student but also for us as it injects new ideas and perspectives into our business through the minds of younger employees. Investing in our younger people now, allows us to support our future and help them to personally develop and carve their careers early. 

Head of Delivery, Kyri Castrinakis worked closely alongside the students, supporting them in their placements and educating them on our business and the renewable energy industry. 
Kyri Castrinakis says ‘I believe that having the opportunity to show how our industry works and give an insight into the market is fantastic for not only the work experience students, but also for LSP. It allows our younger generation to understand the term ‘Recruitment’, the renewables market we work in and how they come together. LSP have had great success with the students we have placed. They have not only adapted to being part of our office, and the working week, but also taken a keen interest in future opportunities we have provided them with.’

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