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150 days ago


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Vattenfall’s 176MW Vesterhav Nord Offshore Wind Farm has joined its 168MW sister park Vesterhav Syd by producing power today! 
It was made clear that last year the project would not be fully connected within its initial given deadline (December 31st 2023), however Vattenfall applied to the authorities for an extension which is said to still be in dialogue with the Danish Energy Agency. 

All 21 turbines at the site are expected to be connected before the end of March 2024, with the offshore wind farm supplying 180,000 Danish households with fossil-free energy. 

Project Director, Mathilde Damsgaard said "It is with great pride that we are now sending the first fossil-free power ashore from Vesterhav Nord as well. It has been an exciting task with many challenges since we won the tender in 2016, and it is great to see the efforts bear fruit thanks to a great effort from the many involved."

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