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225 days ago


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Avangrid and CIP (Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners) reach their first milestone with the first 5 GE Haliade-X turbines being installed this week. 

The 800MW Vineyard Wind project situated 15 miles off the coast of Massachusetts prepares to deliver first power by the end of the year, with for over 30,000 homes and businesses beginning to receive power. Once the project has been completed and all 62 wind turbines have been installed at Vineyard Wind 1, 400,000 homes and businesses will be able to make use of the clean power. 

Avangrid, Chief Executive Pedro Azagra said “Our team has worked tremendously hard, through nights, weekends, and holidays to put us in the position to deliver the first power from Avangrid’s nation-leading Vineyard Wind 1 project before the end of the year. Today, we have fully installed the first five turbines of this historic project, representing a new frontier for climate action and the clean energy revolution in the United States.
We look forward to working through the final technical requirements and flipping the switch to deliver these first green electrons to 30,000 homes and businesses in Massachusetts, proving that with skill, expertise, and perseverance, the dream of offshore wind in America is real.”

For further information surround the project, and roles they have to offer, please reach out to Cory Stewart, or Gary Bradley from our US office. 

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