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384 days ago


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Our partnership with climate change pioneers Ecologi means we have now planted over 500 trees! (its actually 636!)

One of the projects Light Source People have supported through Ecologi this month is Onshore wind energy generation in Taichung and Changbin, Taiwan removing 10.6 Tons of Co2.

This partnership expands on the work LSP are already carrying out in Taiwan supplying manpower for several offshore wind farm projects.

This large-scale project harnesses the strong prevailing winds along Taiwan’s Western coast, developing two onshore wind farms (one of 103.5MW and one of 46 MW). Combined, the wind farms consist of 62 turbines which generate renewable energy which is delivered straight to the national grid. Carbon emissions reductions of around 300,000 tonnes per year therefore come from the displacement of fossil fuel energy within the grid.

As well as helping accelerate the country’s shift toward renewables, boosting wind energy production helps to lessen the reliance on fossil fuel imports, representing an economic and national security boost as well. In addition, the project is engaged in several activities that help to preserve the local ecosystem – such as regular beach clean-ups and guided tours that raise awareness about climate change, pollution and other environmental issues. The project has also supported the reforestation of a small parcel of local land, which is encouraging local biodiversity.

Our money goes towards supporting projects that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Here are the goals recognised by the Changbin and Taichung wind power project:

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