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150 days ago


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Permission has been granted to Statkraft to construct the Green Grid Park which will store energy in 50MW batteries. 

The project will increase the stability of the electricity grid and allow more renewable power to be transmitted through the network. 
Stability is provided by battery technology, with grid forming converters attached, which always stay in ‘grid-forming’ mode, meaning they inherently resist changes in voltage and frequency on the electricity grid.
Meanwhile, the batteries will store, import, and export energy which will facilitate the decarbonisation of the UK’s electricity supply.

Consent for the project was filed back in 2021, but after the approval announcement this week, a provisional start date has been scheduled for later in 2024. 

Sarah Tullie, Statkraft’s Project Manager for Coylton Greener Grid Park said: “I want to thank East Ayrshire Council for backing our project. Greener Grid Parks are a key tool in helping the UK transition to green energy. Projects like them mean we’ll eventually end the need to turn on polluting fossil fuel power stations, just to provide stability to the electricity grid. 
Having a stable grid because of projects like this will allow more wind and solar energy to be built and connected, meaning lower bills for consumers because renewable power is cheaper. Statkraft will continue to play a key role in delivering innovative solutions like this and help to break our reliance on fossil fuels for good.” 

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