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Offshore Safe Professionals Register and LSP have announced a partnership aimed at supporting professionals within the energy sector. This follows on from a recently forged partnership with Global Wind Organisation (GWO) to create a new content and outreach program to support the safety of workers transitioning to offshore wind.

OSPR supports their members by facilitating training and development opportunities, enabling them to develop their career in the offshore industry through a membership accreditation program ensuring they can clearly demonstrate their skill levels to the wider market place. Support, community and long-term development are the fundamentals on which this organisation is based on.

By partnering with Light Source People, OSPR Members will gain direct access to LSP’s specialist talent services. An invaluable service supplying extensive advice and support.

LSP’s experienced team will guide OSPR members through the recruitment process in order to obtain permanent or contract (freelance) roles. The aim of this collaboration is to equip all members with the right tools and knowledge to secure the right role in an ever-changing job market and to help their Clients to easily identify the level of professional they need for their workforce.

Jed Mawson Director of OSPR explains “This partnership with LSP allows our members to showcase their Health and Safety competence within the job market through the OSPR competency framework. LSP can be assured that their people have the necessary Health and Safety competence to conduct their day to day activities whatever their role ”

Ashley Harrington, Director for LSP stated “ LSP believe the assessment process that OSPR have created will give candidates & clients a clear benchmark to the level of HSE profile they are, enabling candidates to obtain further training to progress their career and for Clients to easily communicate the level of skill required, therefore saving time by only providing the exact level of skilled workforce they are seeking to hire.”

About OSPR
OSPR is a membership association for professionals working in Offshore Health and Safety, and organisations committed to our aims and objectives.
OSPR has a vision to improve the health, safety and welfare of the entire offshore workforce and we carry out this vision with our mission to support the professional standing, development and credibility of our members. This includes OSPR Membership Levels and eligibility criteria specific to offshore energy; access to training courses, networking and professional opportunities.
OSPR also works with industry partners to support our members and develop industry links and frameworks.

To find out more about this collaboration and the state of the current job market call us on +44 (0)203 905 6222