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28 days ago


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The LSP Renewables team in Taiwan have been busy running a renewable energy workshop at Nanto Siyan Jen-ay Siyang Sapah Piyasan Toda which is the first National Experimental School of Seediq culture, located in Ren Ai Township, Nantou (elevation 1300 meters). 

The students who are in the 4th to 6th grade enjoyed a workshop involving an interactive presentation to teach them all about renewable energy and how we can use the sector to take steps towards a better, more sustainable plant. They also took part in a fun activity where they learnt all about solar turbines before making their very own models! 

Our Taiwan team had a wonderful experience being able to share their knowledge and inspire a bright, young audience to enter the world of renewable energy. It was amazing to see them all get so involved and have so much fun whilst learning. 

If you would like to arrange a Renewable Energy Workshop for your school or group, please feel to contact us at