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With renewable energy jobs hitting 12.7 million globally, the demand for skilled workers is greater than ever. From apprentices through to senior roles, there are endless opportunities across a wide range of skills and experience within the renewable energy sector, however the market is still greatly under resourced. 

LSP Renewables consistently support skilled workers with their transition into the industry and offer guidance to help upskill existing workers whilst all the while providing meaningful insight to global renewable energy leaders on the skills shortage we are facing, and how we can work together to improve the situation. 
With this in mind, LSP are delighted to announce that we are now partnered with RECOA (Renewable Construction Academy) to tackle our shared vision in bridging the skills gap between skilled workers and the renewable energy industry. 

RECOA* is an e-learning academy and community who provide renewable energy courses to industry professionals. RECOA’s ever evolving library of courses are tailored to specific roles, providing fundamental knowledge on a flexible study basis. They are devoted to training, educating, and upskilling the workforce to promote a universal terminology and standard for roles in the renewable energy industry.

CEO of LSP Renewables, Adam Grainger says ‘Our partnership with RECOA allows us to tangibly address the widening skills gap present in the offshore wind industry. Millions of additional skilled professionals will be needed to join the offshore wind industry over the next two decades, to help deliver the world’s climate and energy security goals. Partnering with RECOA demonstrates LSP Renewables’ commitment to identifying and supporting talented individuals’ transition into the sector.  I look forward to working with the RECOA team to deliver talented individuals to our customer base, with the right support necessary to succeed in their new roles.’


The partnership will benefit workers of the future by encouraging entrance routes to renewables, upskilling contractors currently in the industry and to help transition contractors from other markets, much like LSP’s focus on vertical specialist recruiters, RECOA also focuses on courses for specific roles such as client reps, procurement managers, contract managers etc and are consistently growing and adding to their educational courses.

Martin Warming, Founder of RECOA, comments, “Being an academy fuelled by industry-centric knowledge, established to satisfy the need for a skilled workforce in the renewable energy sector, we recognise the need to continuously listen to the market’s wants and needs. LSP Renewables is a strong partner which core business is exactly that: identifying the needs for human resource of the industry and seeking to satisfy this need by finding suitable and qualified candidates for their clients. Acting as a sounding board, LSP Renewables can contribute to our development programme by sharing insights into the market needs and movements, allowing us to continuously develop courses and education programmes that are relevant and tailored to renewable professionals.”

All of us at LSP Renewables are extremely excited about this new partnership and look forward to further supporting our wider networks with opportunities to upskill in their careers or to make the transition into the renewable energy industry. Helping to carve a greener future, and positively contribute to the complete removal of CO2 from the global energy industry. 

For more information about RECOA, and our partnership with them, you can head over to their website here.

About LSP Renewables 

LSP Renewables is a renewable energy talent and recruitment specialist who is passionate about renewable energy and, as such, operates solely in renewables with an ambition to positively contribute to the complete removal of CO2 from the global energy generation industry to safeguard the future of our planet. This passion fuels their desire to provide best-in-class talent and career support services to the companies and people working to achieve a brighter, greener future. 
About the Renewable Construction Academy (RECOA) 

The Renewable Construction Academy develops role-based online training courses and educational programmes to educate and upskill the renewable energy industry's workforce. By addressing the resource challenge and fuelling the green transition, RECOA plays a vital role in promoting the adoption of renewable energy solutions. The Academy offers high-quality, engaging e-learning solutions developed in collaboration with Academy Partners, industry-leading companies that have joined RECOA to establish and elevate the standard of education for renewable energy professionals. At RECOA, you can tap into the accumulated knowledge and experience from professionals within renewables with high-quality and engaging education programmes, offering flexible and affordable training solutions for everyone at any time.  

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