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Living with a mental health problem can often have an impact on day-to-day life, making things that others might not think about a bit more difficult. Mental health is just like physical health in many ways, everybody has it, and it needs to be taken care of.

Mental health problems affect around one in four people in any given year, most of those people are not getting the support they need. These mental health problems can range from common problems such as depression and anxiety, through to rare conditions such as bipolar or schizophrenia. However, there isn’t always a diagnosis, you can just be finding things difficult, and it can be negatively affecting your mind.

This year LSP Renewables’ chosen charity for 2023 is ‘Mind’. ‘Mind’ is an organisation who are helping to fight mental health, helping to change minds across England and Wales by making mental health an everyday priority.

LSP recognise the importance of supporting mental health within the workplace, and we encourage our staff to ask the question ‘Are you ok?’.

There are many studies that show physical activities can improve your mental health.  So, this May, Team LSP will take on their first charity fundraiser of the year - the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. The challenge is based across the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and will cover a route of about 26 miles and roughly 5000 feet of elevation.

To donate to our challenge and keep up to date with training, and the climb, follow the below link to our JustGiving page.

Team LSP takes on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge!

We are supporting Mind with their fight against mental health.