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239 days ago


Industry Insights

Earlier this month, Head of Business Development, Cory Stewart, and Head of Delivery Rebecca Macmillan from our US office visited the Offshore WINDPOWER Conference in Boston, hosted by the American Clean Power Association (ACP). 

Head of Delivery Rebecca Macmillan answered some questions for us about the event, and what were her key takeaways.

How did you get on at the conference? 

Rebecca: It went really well, I was quite excited to attend with it being my first offshore wind conference, and first ever conference in the US. 
I didn’t know what to really expect, other than for the reems of knowledge I was about to received by the industry experts. Safe to say, I was blown away! 

What were your key takeaways from the event?

Rebecca: There was so much to take in at the conference, as I said above, I was completely mind blown! However, like any new industry, there are many teething pains which the US are still to overcome, but with the growth we are experiencing we are sure to level and our fuel our future energy needs. 
It is also always a positive experience, when one of your takeaways is that offshore wind is not a cause of the recent increase in whale deaths! 

In your opinion, and from information you gathered at the event, what should we expect from the renewable energy industry in the US over the next 5-10 years? 

Rebecca: I think one of the main things we can expect to see is a dramatic drop in costs, with that creating a lot of fear, I think misinformation with dissipate too. 
The US wind industry is only at the beginning of their long successful journey ahead. Over then next 5 – 10 years we should see all existing contracted sites up and running, with the start of homes being powered by US offshore wind. 

Following on from that, how are/can LSP USA support the industry?

Rebecca: LSP Renewables are dedicated to servicing their clients, supporting them with all development their teams throughout all phases of their renewable energy projects. 
We listen to what our client wants, understand their needs, research further into each individual role and the client we are providing for. We then search for the right calibre of personnel to ensure we are only presenting the very best, and finally deliver that high quality service we promise with every connection we make.  
At LSP, we pride ourselves on being one of the best recruitment agencies within the industry because of our combined experience and knowledge of the technologies we operate in, our successful an dedicated teams are able to support our clients with any recruitment needs. 
And I mean, lastly, we are always mindful of the information we share or receive, the misinformed global news story about whales dying in NJ was originally a tiny story ran by a Massachusetts paper that ended up causing shockwaves around the world, and its not true!

With networks growing, knowledge expanding, and story truths being uncovered, it was all in all, a very successful event! 

For more information about the event, or if you are interested in a renewable energy career in the USA, please get in contact with the team on