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Ignitis Group announces its strategy for selection of five executives to lead subsidiary Ignitis renewables to achieve 2030 green generation goals

“Ignitis Renewables has a strong team with a lot of experience, but as the company plans the rapid development of green production in the Baltic States and Poland and develops areas where there are no competencies in Lithuania yet, we aim to additionally attract professionals with international experience to the management team. With the rapid development of green energy worldwide, there is enormous competition for them in the market. We believe that the challenges and prospects offered by the Ignitis Group will help to attract experienced managers in the field of renewable energy," says Darius Maikštėnas, Head of Ignitis Group

Ignitis Renewables announced the selection of LSP Renewables as their exclusive recruitment partner following a successful tender process. LSP Renewables will be responsible for attracting best in market talent to lead Ignitis Group’s subsidiary Ignitis Renewables who have a vision to produce 4GW of renewable energy in the Baltics and Poland by 2030.

LSP Renewables Managing Director Adam Grainger said: "LSP Renewables are proud to have been selected as the exclusive supplier to identify and select the senior leadership team for Ignitis Renewables, Ignitis Renewables have made a clear intention to contribute to building a sustainable future in setting ambitious goals to help reduce Carbon emissions and LSP Renewables will assist them in becoming a key player in the Baltic renewable energy market. 
LSP Renewables continue to prove themselves as the leading renewables energy recruiter in the market by partnering with companies who prioritise ethics and are committed to achieving a sustainable future”

Find out more about working with Ignitis Renewables and the current job opportunities here.

Further info from LSP Renewables contact Marketing Manager Kathryn Scorer on

Further info for Ignitis Renewables please contact Head of Public Relations at Ignitis Group