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234 days ago


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In recent years, Taiwan has emerged as a key player in the global shift towards renewable energy, particularly in the realm of offshore wind power. Taiwan's geographic location, with its strong and consistent winds along the coastline, makes it an ideal candidate for the development of offshore wind farms. Recognizing this potential, the Taiwanese government has implemented policies to encourage the growth of renewable energy, and offshore wind has taken centre stage in these initiatives.

With that in mind, five new contracts have been signed between Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and another five developers following on from the 2022 auction for 3GW of offshore wind capacity. 
Sites have been granted in Miaoli, Taichung, and off the coast of Changhua, two of the sites having operational dates in 2026. 

This successful auction has been seen as a relief for the industry after it being seen as a struggle to find headwinds not only in Taiwan but also globally. Delays and uncertainty have been added to the market, with developers, project owners, investors and the supply chain decisions being affected. 

The awarding of these contracts is another significant milestone for the nation and their commitment to environmental sustainability. We look forward to seeing these projects develop and what more is to come from Taiwan surrounding the renewable energy industry. 

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