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34 days ago


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This year's theme is Planet vs. Plastics, the goal is to get communities together to show everyone’s commitment to call for the end of plastics, for the sake of human and planetary health, demanding a 60% reduction in the production of plastics by 2040 and an ultimate goal of building a plastic-free future for generations to come. 

The reason behind the ‘plastics vs planet’ theme is to highlight that plastics extend beyond an imminent environmental issue; they present a grave threat to human health as alarming as climate change. As plastics break down into microplastics, they release toxic chemicals into our food and water sources and circulate through the air we breathe. Plastic production now has grown to more than 380 million tons per year. More plastic has been produced in the last ten years than in the entire 20th century, and the industry plans to grow explosively for the indefinite future.


What can we do to help?

Join us in signing the Global Plastics Treaty, calling on the United Nations and Governmental Organisations to commit to: 

  • Support a highly ambitious Global Plastic Treaty that binds all to the same standards

  • A 60% of reduction of all fossil fuel-based plastic production by 2040

  • Requiring producers and retailers of plastics to be liable for the cost of any environmental or health-related damages in accordance with the “producer pays” principle

  • Public and private sector investments in innovation to replace all fossil fuel-based plastics

  • Ban all plastic-related tobacco products including, but not limited to tobacco filters and e-cigarettes

  • Ban the export of plastic waste

  • End the incineration of plastic waste

  • Support innovative solutions and alternatives to plastic in all sectors

  • Fully-financed education and public awareness campaigns to inform the public about reasons and strategies for ending plastic pollution

This treaty is an opportunity for the United Nations and Governmental Organizations to prove the health of the planet and its citizens take priority over an industry threatening the health of every human on Earth. 

Another important factor, in planet vs plastics is making sure we do all we can to protect and provide to the growth of nature and wildlife. At LSP, we are  partnered with Ecologi and have funded the planting of 5,623 trees and counting to help reforestation projects all over the globe. This is so important to us, that we can take the steps to help support the prevention of 385.44 tCO2e from being emitted through 50 verified carbon avoidance projects.


For more information on what you can do for Earth Day 2024, click here!