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163 days ago


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A billion-euro partnership has been formed between Andel and Better Energy to work together and increase Denmark’s renewable energy capacity. 

Between 2024 and 2028, 15 new energy parks with a combined capacity of 2GW will be delivered to Denmark. The companies have outlined ambitions for energy storage, nature, and biodiversity to be incorporated within the portfolio.
The first of the four energy parks are expected to be built in Soro (107MW), Vordingborg (187MW), Guldborgsund (329MW) and Naestved (120MW), with production dates starting in 2024 and 2025, totalling around 750MW. 

CEO of Andel, Jesper Hjulmand, said: "We are in the midst of a very serious climate crisis that requires our action urgently. Wind and solar power on land is the fastest way to expand our renewable energy in Denmark.
Consequently, it is only natural that we increase our commitment to solar power.
This is a very ambitious agreement that will increase the total production of renewable energy in Denmark and which will also have a significant effect in relation to Andel's goal of our production of renewable energy reaching 10 TWh in 2035.”

Mark Augustenborg Odum, CFO of Better Energy, said: "Through this partnership, Andel gains direct ownership of green energy production in Denmark and Better Energy can continue to increase the pace of expanding renewable energy across our markets in Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Finland."

Another successful step for the industry with a focus on Denmark’s renewable energy capacity. Wishing both Andel and Better Energy the best of luck in this fantastic new partnership.

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