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The UK Energy Department (DESNZ) expects Allocation Round 6 to proceed as planned and wrap up during the summer, following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's announcement of a 4 July General Election.

Today, the department stated that the Contracts for Difference (CfD) auction "is currently in progress and is expected to conclude sometime during the summer, depending on the timeline scenario to which the round adheres."

DESNZ emphasized that "essential business," including routine activities necessary to "ensure the continued smooth functioning of government and public services, must be allowed to continue" during an election period. This can include a CfD allocation round already in progress, although significant decisions and announcements may be subject to the latest Cabinet Office advice regarding the election period.

The department added in its latest CfD update, the first since the election was called, "Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, the Cabinet Office has issued election guidance. Any implications for the published AR6 timeline will be communicated to stakeholders."

The results of the round are expected no earlier than 19 July, the third of five possible scenarios for the auction timeline, following a review requested by non-qualifying applicants who challenged National Grid ESO's decision to exclude them from bidding.

Source renews: AR6 to run as normal during UK election - reNews - Renewable Energy News

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