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Both the London and Brighton Marathon are known for their extreme endurance and international participation. As training begins, we are excited to announce that this year, both events gain a personal LSP touch as four employees from our UK office will be taking part! 

Associate Consultants, Josh Brazier and Ty Lomas-King take on the intense 26.2 miles of the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 7th April 2024.  
With Director, Ashley Harrington and Associate Consultant, Jacob Brooks not far behind them, lacing up their running shoes as they take on the London Marathon on Sunday 21st April. 

Our four runners will be raising money in the lead up to their challenges for our UK chosen charity of the year, RETINA UK. Retina is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting research and providing resources for those affected by retinal conditions and are committed to making a difference in the lives of those affected by retinal disorders. A charity close to all of us at LSP. 

Director Ashley Harrington said “For those of you not familiar with retinal disorders, I was born with RP which is rare eye condition which affects the light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the eye. My form of RP creates “night blindness” and poor peripheral vision. I’m now at a point in life where I ultimately have tunnel vision. 
I’ve never liked talking about my eye condition and still to this day, try avoiding it with new people I meet until I’ve got no choice! So, putting this out publicly feels like more of a challenge than doing the actual marathon! However, I shouldn’t be so afraid to tell people, 99% of those that have been told over the years have been amazing. One person, a 19-year-old by the name of Jacob Brooks learned of my eyesight at our 2022 Xmas party. All I can say is, what a great young man, he helped me like he had known of my eye condition for 10 years, true natural.”

Retina UK provide support to those affected by inherited sight loss and funds pioneering research. As colleagues and friends of all four of the boys, we are looking to support Ashley, Ty, Josh, and Jacob on their mission by fundraising as much money as possible!
If you are able to, and would like to donate, you can follow the below links to support the LSP team with our ‘Month of Marathons’!

To donate to Ashley Harrington click here!

To donate to Jacob Brooks, click here!

To donate to Ty Lomas-King, click here! 

To donate to Josh Brazier, click here!

This is not just a race for them, but a journey for all suffering with retinal disorders. All of us at LSP Renewables wish them all the best on their remarkable marathon challenges!