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World Mental Health Day observed on the 10th of October each year, is a day for taking the time to raise awareness and educate others surrounding the topic of ‘mental health’. 
Every week in the UK ’45.8 million adults report experiencing symptoms for common mental health problems’ such as anxiety/depression. 
Mental Health Day itself provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to engage in open and supportive conversations about mental health issues, themselves, or others around them might be facing.

When it comes to discussing mental health issues, it can sometimes be really difficult for the person to expand on their feelings and gain the confidence to initiate the conversation. 

In this article, we explore some essential top tips that you could take into consideration when you are approached with these difficult conversations. 

When engaging in a conversation about mental health, it is extremely important to take the time to educate yourself about the common conditions, symptoms and resources that may be associated with that specific topic/diagnosis. Having a deep understanding & knowledge will allow you to approach the situation with sympathy and sensitivity for the person who may be going through this difficult time. 

Taking time, and listening intently is also extremely crucial when it comes to conversations surrounding mental health. It is important to make the person in need feel as though they do not need to rush what they are saying, and also that you are showing a genuine interest in their perspective and opinion, they need to feel as though you are being supportive and empathising with what they are saying. 

Its quite common that when someone does approach you about a specific mental health condition, you may not have all the answers. So, rather than offering solutions, offer support. Sometimes, all that is needed is someone to lean on. 

After your initial conversation, its always best to follow up and check in with the person you have spoken to. Support is ongoing, let them know you care, help to break down the ‘lonely’ stigma. 

Here at LSP Renewables we are proud to be able to provide our staff and their families with Vitality healthcare which includes added support across mental health issues. We also provide our staff with a comfortable and empathetic environment where they can speak up about what may be going on in their own lives and take the first step in engaging in meaningful, understanding conversations. 
Our candidates across the renewable energy industry also have dedicated consultants, and points of contact that they can reach out to, should they be experiencing a difficult time when working out on their projects.  
Some of our contractors leave family or friends for long lengths of time, and when working rotation after rotation can start to feel quite alone and missing home. At LSP we ensure that should our candidates need support from us, we are always there to provide it. 

World Mental Health day is the opportunity to break down the stereotypes surrounding mental health issues, and promote open, engaging and supportive conversations to anyone around us. 

For more support, you can follow the below links to some recommended sites where more information is available.
- Mind 
- Mental Health Foundation 
- Samaritans

If you would like to discuss this article, or enquire further about World Mental Health Day, please contact Marketing Executive, Charlotte Eastaff.