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Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult has initiated a project to enhance the impact of pilot floating wind projects within the Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) leasing framework.

In collaboration with the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC), ORE Catapult has established the INTOG Innovation Network.

This network will function under the existing Energy Transition Alliance between ORE Catapult and NZTC. The INTOG leasing round, managed by Crown Estate Scotland, aims to use floating offshore wind to directly reduce emissions from oil and gas production (TOG) and to develop commercial pilot-scale (less than 100MW) innovation projects (IN).

The Innovation Network is dedicated solely to the innovation aspect of the INTOG leasing round, facilitating research, development, and engagement activities for the five projects granted exclusivity agreements.

This initiative's priorities include building collaborative relationships between projects, identifying common innovation and technology challenges and opportunities, and sharing lessons learned to benefit future projects and the broader floating wind industry.

Additionally, opportunities to test and demonstrate technologies to increase technology readiness levels and de-risk technologies for deployment will be explored.

Andy Macdonald, ORE Catapult's director of development & operations, stated: “This new network creates a unique forum to help support the industry-leading innovations that these projects are designed to deliver.

“Coming ahead of the build-out of the large-scale ScotWind sites, these projects offer a fantastic opportunity for the industry to learn more about overcoming challenges and maximizing the potential of new floating wind technology.”

Graeme Rogerson, NZTC's head of net zero technology, added: “Maximizing the impact and value to the industry of these innovation projects is crucial in realizing the future ambitions for UK floating wind and the value to our supply chain and port infrastructure.

“We’re delighted to play such a pivotal role in driving this collaboration and shaping the future of offshore wind.”

Source: renews Innovation Network launches for INTOG floater projects - reNews - Renewable Energy News

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