Crown Estate

The Crown Estate manages and leases sites offshore around England, Wales and Northern Ireland and work in partnership with their customers and stakeholders to support the long-term sustainable development of the seabed.

Awarding seabed rights to sharing expert knowledge and data, the teams directly manage the relationships with a commitment to deliver high levels of service and commitment.

Playing an active role in the offshore wind industry The Crown Estate work collaboratively with their customers to boost performance, reduce costs and de-risk investment whilst helping to explore the potential to un-lock other key energy resources such as wave and tidal, and storage of natural gas and CO2.

Marine Planning & Cables and Pipelines

In addition to managing and leasing sites offshore The Crown Estate have the unique perspective to see the bigger picture across a wide variety of sectors covering offshore wind to cables and pipelines and marine aggregates. They manage competing demands for space on the UK’s busy seabeds as well as helping to unlock opportunities for sustainable development for up to 12 nautical miles around England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

By working to address key consent and planning challenges they can facilitate better sharing, optimise data and work closely with industry stakeholders in the form of national and local governments, regulators and statutory bodies in the context of marine policy and statutory marine plans.

This therefore helps to overcome common barriers to development and bring down costs, helping to make the UK seabed one of the most attractive places globally to invest.

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