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Interconnection Program Lead

Posted 32 days ago
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New York, New York, United StatesPermanent
Job Reference: BH-6324

The Interconnection Program Lead will have a focus on strategic generation and transmission market evaluation. This position will be responsible for ensuring compliance with power market open access tariff requirements and cross functional alignment with activities associated with the company’s offshore wind (OSW) projects. This includes close technical interaction with transmission and interconnection workstreams as well as commercial and regulatory interaction with energy offtake workstreams.

  • Serves as the business-side lead to represent the company and project teams throughout the interconnection process for large generation offshore wind projects
  • Evaluate design and market requirements for OSW generation to participate in North American energy, capacity, and ancillary markets
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of the generator interconnection process across ISOs/RTOs, and communicate applicable transmission and generation market rules / regulations to assist with a cohesive project development and execution strategy
  • Support project teams in conducting studies, summarizing ISO/RTO/TO reports to help develop new project siting strategies
  • In coordination with the Commercial Director and technical team, lead negotiations for interconnection agreements
  • Coordinate closely with commercial, financial, technical workstreams to evaluate and manage points of interface pertaining tariff related market rules, e.g., OREC and PPA contracts, to ensure market participation compliance
  • Track applicable transmission / generation related policies which may impact OSW integration (FERC, DOE, NYPSC, etc.)
  • Supports our client and their project teams’ interfaces with ISO/RTOs and other stakeholders, and with relevant industry groups and working groups to advance interests and engage in shaping rules established by ISOs
  • Represent our client and its project teams in ISO committees and task force meetings, as well as in meetings with transmission owners related to progressing projects’ interconnection requests
  • Participate in and summarize ISO meetings and make sure the company is aware of all relevant ISO developments, including rule changes and important votes
  • Maintain regular communication with ISO staff to receive information on topics relevant to the company's objectives, and grow and maintain a strong network of staff contacts within ISOs
  • Participate in industry working groups to support comments and review of proposed RTO, ISO, utility, and other regional market design changes that may impact internal business cases (MOPR, BSM, hybrid resources)
  • Review emerging technologies to support OSW market entry strategy from a technical, markets and policy perspective (e.g., BESS, green hydrogen)
  • Participate in conferences, forums, and working groups to discuss technical and policy concepts and challenges in the area of transmission and generation markets
  • Perform other tasks as assigned
  • Travel to various meeting locations across different ISO (e.g., NYISO, PJM, ISONE) footprints

Context And Environment

  • This position is primarily responsible for supporting the successful development of offshore wind projects across New York within the Attentive Energy team, but also supporting other projects including early market developments.


  • Secures interconnection agreements for Projects
  • Ensures project development and activities are performed in compliance with relevant ISO tariffs and other regulations
  • Maintains knowledge of interconnection and energy systems regulations including ISO tariffs and FERC regulations and rulings and distributes information to Project teams

Qualifications / Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, legal, business, or another relevant field
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience (e.g., contracting, legal, engineering, transmission)
  • Proven experience in the management of Interconnection Applications
  • Expert knowledge of how an ISO works, regarding interconnection application, market participation, ancillary services opportunities
  • Knowledge and experience in renewable energy and transmission planning
  • Knowledge of transmission policy, energy operations/commercial transactions, rates, planning issues and/or energy market policy issues
  • Knowledge of NYISO, PJM, ISONE, other ISO, and FERC processes and filing requirements
  • Experience working on transmission and interconnection activities
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills to convey technical concepts to both technical and non-technical people
  • Skill in managing multiple activities, delivering on commitments, and operating with speed, accuracy, and strong judgment
  • Experience with offshore wind energy development, including related to offtake and economic benefits
  • Strong experience with common business software tools, such as Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel)
  • Willingness to travel on a periodic basis, typically around project area and relevant team offices.

Salary: $190,000 - $210,000 per annum

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