Contract Labour Hire & Consultancy

“LSP really understand the global energy market place and the level of compliance and support required for placing workers in international locations.  When others couldn’t, they delivered the resources needed to meet our project schedule”

- Project Manager, Offshore Wind 

Our staff have placed and mobilised contractors in over 100 countries around the world. Compliance and service are at the heart of everything we do, LSP take the risk and hassle away from our Clients and Contractors, allowing them to focus on delivering world class projects wherever they may be situated.

The Renewable Energy industry is all about Developing, Constructing and Operating projects.  These projects often require specialist skills for limited time periods throughout the project lifecycle.  There is little point hiring a permanent member of staff who will only be required for a particular phase of the project.

‘Consultants’ or ‘Contractors’ can fill this demand giving the project and its owner flexibility to meet peaks and troughs in workload and access to specialist resources.  The larger consultancies tend to be expensive and often utilise inexperienced team members to deliver projects for its clients.

LSP has built a strong network of independent contractors covering the entirety of the Renewable Energy industry.  These independent consultants tend to have many years of experience gained from Developers, OEM’s, Consultancies or Contractors and have taken the decision to offer their services on a consultancy basis to companies operating throughout the supply chain.  

Independent Consultants are among the most experienced and knowledgeable resources in our industry, but because of their independent status; are often hard to find. LSP can harness their expertise and offer a compliant intermediary solution to engage these people for the benefit of our customers projects.

Benefits of Utilising Contractors

Fully flexible solution

Often with as little as one weeks’ notice required to mobilise and demobilise the required resources to meet the needs of fast paced projects.

Access to a broader range of candidates

As opposed to a traditional permanent employment solution, many of the Renewable Energy Industry’s most skilled and experienced talent choose to work on a consultancy basis and wouldn’t consider a permanent post.

Global mobility

Many people will not relocate for a permanent role but would happily consider an international opportunity, for a fixed period or on a rotational basis.

Consolidated Invoices

Rather than multiple contracts and invoices to deal with from different independent consultants, LSP Renewables consolidates all of its independent workers in to one framework contract and one monthly consolidated invoice.

Lower Risks

LSP engages with the consultant rather than you, thus reducing risks surrounding inferred employment, taxation and compliance.


LSP ensures compliance to any relevant local and international third-party worker and employment legislation – taking the risk away from your business and projects.

Online Timesheet and Billing Portal

Giving you access to and ability to approve all of your workers timesheets, expenses, past and present invoices all in one place at the click of a button.

Your Diversity & Inclusion

LSP ensure diversity when listing candidates and actively seek suitably skilled female and BAME candidates for all assignments on which we work. LSP has a link with STEM Returners, and the ‘Women’s Engineering Society (WES)’. 

Broaden your talent pool

LSP has access to a large number of independent consultant / contractors with a broad range of skills and experience covering the entire Renewable Energy project lifecycle.

For specialist Renewable Energy industry advice or for an informal confidential chat please call one of our consultants on:

Europe: +44 20 3905 6222
Asia: +886 2 7725 2980
USA: +1 972 556 5189